Soclean Pty Ltd in partnership with GGS and PCYC Tamworth are assisting this program with funds to assist with breakfast and school lunches for the young people involved in the program.

Program overview
• Young people at risk can be hard to engage through formal education or structured programs and many are more likely to engage and develop pro-social attributes if offered sports-based activities where learning is embedded incidentally within the activities. Fit for Life is designed to attract young people who are at risk of poor choices that will impact their positive growth and social inclusion. Research shows that most young people will “grow out of” anti-social and risky behaviours that can lead to offending but that the earlier they are engaged, the least likely they are to participate in or initiate, offending behaviours.

• Fit for Life is an entry-level activity using boxing, incidental education, and consistent mentoring to encourage youth-at-risk to connect and remain engaged with PCYC NSW club offerings in a youth-friendly, physically, and culturally safe environment. It is a foundational activity along the Youth & Crime Prevention Command RISEUP pathway with the potential to lead participants into more structured programs such as Fit 4 Work and Blue Star leadership programs

• Fit for Life will be jointly led by the Youth Case Manager and Club Manager and should be offered across PCYC NSW clubs as a core activity. The activity will require support from a range of other internal and external stakeholders. The involvement of the PAC/PD is crucial to this program, through the regular interaction of PAC/PD Officers to assist in the development and/or improvement of relationships between Youth, the PCYC Club and NSW Police.

• The activity aims to improve physical fitness and overall wellbeing and introduce participants to the PCYC NSW Star Values. In addition, the program hopes to act as an early intervention to prevent and divert youth from anti-social and offending behaviors and protect vulnerable youth from potential victimisation.

• As Fit for Life is a core, entry-level activity it should be offered continuously. Continuity is critical in maintaining the rapport and trust of participants and providing them with an ongoing safe and positive mentoring environment.