“Sustainability is not just empty words but rather its actions that are serious commitments to measurable progress”

Green Clean

We’ve adopted a Green Clean approach, priorities the well-being of our clients and the planet, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable cleaning process.

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Our paperless work environment boosts efficiency, reduces waste, enhances accessibility, and streamlines collaboration, fostering a sustainable and agile workspace for the digital era.

ECO Friendly

At Soclean we actively strives to minimize our environmental impact by using Eco-conscious products, conserving resources, and practicing responsible waste management, aligning with sustainability principles.


We maintain an unwavering commitment to ongoing research, ensuring the enhancement of our sustainability initiatives. Incessantly seeking avenues to diminish our carbon footprint.

Our Sustainability Story

With a growing concern for the environment Soclean is committed to use the most sustainable and environmentally responsible technology available today. Our resources are directed at innovation in development and application of technologies that improve usage of natural resources by all industry so as to reduce long-term demand for such resources without degrading our environment. We intend to make sure the way we clean contributes to the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Our efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Using non-Chemical products
  • Using the latest in cleaning technology to maximise  our water saving.
  • Increasing staff training and education.
  • Continuously researching and test ideas and products.
  • Continuously improve our understanding of and our response to Climate Change.
  • Work with our industry partners and our Clients to ensure that we make lasting and sustainable improvements to our global community.

Our sustainability story is just beginning and we have ambitious goals for the future that require us to be aware of the needs of our customers, their clients and the environment. Further tests are scheduled for the next level including environmentally
preferable metal-free polymer technology for sealing and finishing all types of floors. Keep checking out our site regularly for updates to our story.
Sustainability is not just empty words but rather its actions that are serious commitments to measurable progress.