OCD Platform
Designed and developed by us,
Specifically for our Clients.
We provide our clients with leading edge systems and complete transparent online access to information.

OCD is specifically designed and developed by us, it is a powerful and effective online platform for all service management, from tasks and reporting to integrated solutions. Because it’s designed by us, especially for our clients, we have the flexibility of being able to customise to fit the need of each client.

Time Management

Real time roster update

Task Management

Daily and periodicals

Live Reporting

Job status real-time


Automate document creations


Hazards & risk control

  • 185,900 Task Completed & Reported
  • 1280 Scheduled Work Planed
  • 88% Improving Site Performance

Tasks Completed & Reported

Mobile Sites Managed

Automated Scheduling Sets

Place for all your documents

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Workforce Guidance

Live tracking both indoor (multi level), outdoor, and even underground presented as a graphical map interface depictingsite schematics along with IoT endpoints. 

Quickly find anyone using the quick search function to have the map interface zoom and centre to for simple and rapid locating. 

Layers allow you to hide any superfluous noise and see only pertinent information regarding. For example, if you want to examine only infrastructure, assets and plant and suspend any personnel, you can show or hide the corresponding layers in seconds.  Different entities are identified with unique glyphs and colours.

Live status and location maps

Attendance verification

Work Orders and Standard Operating Procedures

IoT automated dispatch and alerts

Real time safety alerts

Service verification

Award winning unified platform by Daelibs