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Soclean Pty Ltd was founded in 2000 and serviced Sydney’s metropolitan area. In early 2000 Soclean was awarded the first cleaning contract in a commercial building in Sydney’s Wetherill Park, humble beginnings.

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We excelled in floor maintenance and repairs, providing a complete range of strip & seal services for a large number of retail clients, with a solution for budgets.

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Soclean established our first online cleaning reporting system, also introducing maintenance & pest control division, with our cleaning services.

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Our OCD Platform V1 was established, meeting the quality requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. Simplifying the WHS procedures for employees, branching out to other states of Australia.

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Name Change -Soclean for Cleaning – became SOCLEAN Pty Ltd> Upgrading our cleaning reporting system to  OCD Platform, involving mobile technology in all our operations, including quality assurance and Hazard reporting.

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Soclean Pty Ltd has gained a high profile clientele such as Mirvac, JLL, Colliers, and many others with a reputation for providing the highest quality services.

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Soclean Pty Ltd acquired Proseek Pty Ltd (Security Services) we branched to integrated facility services throughout Australia with a steady growth, maintaining our identity.

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Soclean Pty Ltd expanded within our specialised management team, the company’s knowledge grew from 20 years to over 100 years’ experience between our directors and our management team. In this period, we develop our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and presented ourselves to our communities with an open arm (celebrating 20-Years in business).

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Soclean‘s focus through this period of growth with our clients and staff was quality, safety and modern slavery, we put the company through a quality, risk & environment certification process, also with an industry focus on modern slavery we implemented a range of working conditions for Soclean

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We completed a purpose-built facility in NSW; featuring 24/7 support, monitoring and welfare checks for all our staff and clients, our support centre is also a part of our integrated expansion.


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